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Micro finance Suite

There are several good reasons why a micro finance institution needs an information system. Primarily, such a system will solve the following problemsErrors in entries

  • Difficult reporting
  • Fraud
  • Loss of data
  • Lack of efficiency

Any information system for managing loans has to address the following issues:
  • Multiple users using the system concurrently
  • Multiple branch offices
  • Easy management and backup
  • Ease of usage
  • Different types/groups of clients
  • Means of customizing to meet any additional need of the micro finance institution
Our micromfinance solution addresses all these problems in a very holistic manner. It is a feature rich windows desktop software, which is very easy to use. It is a management information system (MIS) for MFIs that includes modules for clients, products (savings and loans), accounting, contracts and reporting management. It supports
  • Multi-users
  • Multi-currency
  • Multi-branch/Multi-level of consolidation
  • Centralized Mode(requiring reliable network)
  • Decentralized Mode(when network is unreliable or not existent)




  • Individuals, solidarity groups, corporate entities
  • Customizable fields
  • Pictures
  • Duplicate client checking
  • Client watch list
  • Client blacklist
  • Client History
  • Multi-criteria search engine for clients

Amortization (Repayment) Schedules

  • Preset types of schedules (constant payment, constant principal)
  • Fully customizable schedule ("exotic products")
  • Grace periods on principal / interest payment
  • Schedules skip holidays (customizable)
  • Schedules skip week days (customizable)
  • User-selected payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, 28-days, etc.)
  • User-rounded total payment
  • Rescheduling module (supporting multiple reschedules)
  • Management of Prepayments (automatic reschedule can be disabled)



  • Flat / declining interest rates
  • Variable annual basis for interest accrual
  • Daily accrual / cash method
  • Upfront / standard interest payment

Fees and Penalties

  • Disbursement fee-origination fees
  • Penalties on principal payment
  • Penalties on interest payment
  • Penalties on overdue principal
  • Penalties on overdue interests
  • Anticipated repayment fee


Defaults and Overdue Payments

  • Quick access to loans in arrears in the "Alert window"
  • Due payments are prompted
  • Overdue payments are prompted
  • Detailed report on loans and clients in arrears
  • Reports on Portfolio At Risk, with customizable breakdown

Other Loan Features

  • Loan cycles managed at the product level
  • Credit committee
  • Tracking approved, rejected, suspended and abandoned applications
  • Multi-criteria search engine of contracts

Collaterals & guarantors

  • Customizable categories of collaterals
  • Editable contract for collateral
  • Tracking of guarantors
  • Editable contract for guarantors



  • Time weighed method of interests calculations
  • Minimum weekly/monthly balance
  • Various interests payment frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Resource Management (funding lines)
  • Donors and creditors tracked
  • Grants and credits tracked
  • Resource balance controlled before disbursement

Reporting & Analyses

  • Default reports for detailed analysis of clients, applications, loans and collaterals
  • Default "consolidation reports" for management
  • Exportation to MS Word, Excel or PDF.
  • Customization or addition of new reports through Crystal Report

Accounting module

  • Customizable according to local schemes
  • Manages Cash/Accrual methodology
  • Loan loss reserve matrix
  • End-of-period closure showing the loan degradation and write-off
  • Exportable to an external accounting application


Users and Security

  • User password encryption
  • Different user level rights and restrictions
  • Event log and audit trail


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Technical Specifications and Requirements

  • Pre-requisites: Framework .NET 3.5
  • Database: SQL Server Express (free) or SQL Server 2005
  • Reports: Crystal Report XI

Minimal hardware requirements for the client part are: 

  • Pentium II or higher,
  • 64 MB RAM,
  • 20 MB free disk space



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