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What are the advantages of having your own mail server?

Why would you run your own mail server? Obviously it must cost more, at least for small companies with just a handful of mail accounts. You have to buy hardware, and probably mail server software itself, and you have to maintain it, and feed it electricity. It does not seem like a good idea, right?

However, it is actually a very good idea, and here are some of the reasons why.

Mail gets to you faster

If you are running your own mail server, external mails come directly to you, with no waiting. It's usually ready for you to read in seconds, because you don't get millions of emails a day. If by chance you do, it will still be ready faster than it would if stored elsewhere (unless you have very undersized hardware).

If you are sending emails with larger attachments inside your company, you will really appreciate this. Without your mail server, mails will have to go to an ISP first. It can take a long time for an ISP to process a big attachment. Also, if your internet connection speed is less than ideal, that email can take extra time going out and back in, and affect other mail, internet browsing, or other important functions that require internet access.

This is avoided if you run an internal email server. Mail arrives at LAN speeds, is processed quickly without affecting internet access.

No per user mailbox charges

Most ISP's charge you per mailbox, or for a group of 10 or less etc. The charge may be small, but it is an offsetting cost. With your own mail server, you can have as many accounts as you want, whenever you want.

No waiting to add new users

When you control the server, you can add and delete users yourself. Some ISP's may let you do that, but not all, and it isn't always instant even if they do let you. And again, they will limit you somewhere as to how many users you can have.

Aliases and lists

With your own server, it's easy to have "john_mensay" be the same as "jmensah" and the same as "boss". It's easy to make groups (addresses that send the mail to multiple people) too. Some ISPs are better than others in this regard, but none are like controlling it yourself.

Virus and spam

Some ISP's offer virus scanning and spam control, and most of them price it pretty reasonably. But when you run your own server, you get full control over that.


Whenever mail is stored somewhere else, you have at least the possibility that someone else can look at it or copy it. That may not be important to you, but if it is, you definitely want your own server.


If you own the mail server, you control it. You can set and more easily enforce usage policies, you can automatically add legalese to every outgoing message, you can automatically store every incoming message or scan them for trigger words and so on. You are in control.

Our Corporate Email Solutions

Our email solutions are robust and reliable.They are based on open source email servers, hence you do not have to pay any yearly license. They are also very easy to manage and maintain. Above all, we are ever ready to support you when you have difficulties.



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