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TISP Billing

Total ISP billing (TISP) is a revolutionary application from Universal IT Solutions, mainly for internet service providers (ISP). It unifies the billing of ISP services, and introduces innovative features that enhance operations of ISPs.

Generally, a typical ISP provides services that require intermittent access and fixed access. For intermittent access, systems are usually setup to authenticate through a RADIUS/AAA server that handles billing. For fixed access, billing and disconnection is usually done manually using tools like MS Excel to track payments, router access lists to block expired users, etc. This is fine for a small ISP until the number of users grows. Managing fixed access services of more than 30 clients could prove daunting with expired users sometimes slipping through.

TISP provides an automated and efficient way of billing ISP services.

TISP provides complete revenue management and billing for ISP services.

TISP was developed with the following design principles
  • Automation - minimal man power is needed to operate all ISP services, with customers being able to check status of their services, and manage parts of their own account
  • Flexibility - allows for faster adaptation to the competitive and dynamic ISP marketplace
  • Feature richness - provides very useful features that solve billing challenges of most ISP's
  • Simplicity - web-based system that is very intuitive and easy to use
  • Affordability - TISP employs open source tools and applications to minimize the total cost of ownership


Some of the features of TISP are:

  • Web-based cross-platform application
  • Uses relational databases
  • Multiple access application
  • Controls IP-based services
  • Controls access by radius account
  • Controls access by date
  • Controls access by time of day
  • Controls web hosting services
  • Multiple services per client
  • Radius support
  • Automatic and manual invoicing
  • Automatic emailing of invoices and reminders to customers
  • Centralized billing email management
  • System activity notifications by email
  • Audit trail
  • Easy database backup and restore
  • Easy customization for ISP
  • Access/privilege control
  • NAT traversal
  • Supports multiple TISP (control) routers
  • Customer can access system and check status of account
  • Graphical reports on setups, service groups, payments
  • Supports multiple currencies GH¢, $, £, €
  • Supports various payment types
  • Automatic mailing of e-receipt to customer on payments
  • Supports multiple taxes
  • Supports tax exemption
  • Supports communication tax (Ghana)

TISP System Architecture

1. Single server deployment (ie. one server for billing and routing)



2. Enterprise Setup




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