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Hotel/Cafe Internet Billing

H-Billing is a great application from Universal IT Solutions, mainly for businesses that grant public internet access at a fee (such as hotels, restaurants, internet cafes, etc). It simplifies billing for such services, thus providing an efficient means of maximizing profit on internet services.

It is a very stable system that runs on Linux and can support hundreds of concurrent users smoothly.

H-Billing was developed with the following design principles

  • Automation - minimal man power is needed to operate all billing operations, with customers being able to check status of their accounts
  • Flexibility - allows for billing of both wireless and wired networks
  • Feature richness - provides very useful features that solve billing challenges of organizations that bill customers for internet access
  • Simplicity - web-based system that is very intuitive and easy to use
  • Affordability - H-Billing employs open source tools, platforms  and applications to minimize the total cost of ownership

Some of the features of H-Billing are:

  • Web-based application thus easily accessible from any part of network
  • Uses relational databases
  • Multiple access application
  • Controls IP-based services
  • Controls access by radius account
  • Controls access by date
  • Controls access by time
  • External Radius support
  • Real-time monitoring of accounts
  • Easy database backup and restore
  • Easy customization for Hotels, cafes, etc
  • Administrator Access/privilege control
  • Supports multiple wireless access points
  • In built router with network address translation
  • In-built proxy/caching server
  • Shows all users online
  • Provides users account statistics and traffic utilization


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The minimum server specifications are:
  • Pentium IV Processor, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD.
  • 2 network cards



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